Thank you for your interest in the Olathe Bass Club. The purpose of our website is to provide you with some information about our club. By following the links you can find information on our tournament trail, statistics on each tournament, our club bylaws, our current club officers and other valuable fishing information.

Olathe Bass Club is a local B.A.S.S. affiliate club located in Olathe, KS. While our focus is on competitive bass fishing, we are in it for much more. We're in for the fun, camaraderie, and giving back to the fishing community as well as the environment.
The Olathe Bass Club has been around for over 30 years. The tournaments are draw style tournaments. Owning a boat is not necessary, as you will be paired up with a boat owning member for each tournament. OBC is about not only having fun fishing but it allows you to grow as bass anglers. We can all learn from each other. The OBC is for all anglers not only those with experience but also for the beginners.

We meet monthly at 7:30PM on the first Tuesday of the month at the Olathe Club of the Deaf activities building, located at 221 South Chestnut in Olathe, KS. (We use the back door entrance, not the street side! Click the link for a google map.)

Pete Morrone
2017 Angler of the Year

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Charles Capehart

Kelly Morris
2017 Non-Boater
Angler of the Year

Olathe Bass Club is proud to have Mondo Tackle Mondo Tackle as one of it's major sponsors.

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